Jaki Hitzelberger, LMHc, MGCP

First, I just want to say that taking the first step to find a therapist or mental coach is incredible. This is an exciting moment. Contacting a counselor can sometimes be a little intimidating (I know from experience!) but I want to reassure you that it is the start to an amazing journey. As your counselor I will be there to support you as you overcome challenges, change harmful habits or behaviors, and heal from the past/present. I work to provide a positive, safe, and peaceful environment for my clients. I welcome humor, honesty, and authenticity as you move towards your unique goals.

I am trained in working with concerns related to anxiety, depression, eating disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder), self-esteem, abuse, body image, sports psychology, postpartum depression, parental stress, and performance anxiety in sports. I follow an evidence-based protocol to foster awareness, healing, and healthy coping.

Like I said before, this is an incredible first step. You're making the decision to get the support you deserve to feel better, heal, and live your best life. I'm ready to take this journey with you. Let's talk today!